Accelerating Leadership


I want us all to come out of the pandemic a little wild. I'm thinking a lot about the Beat poets and other times when we were culturally free and reckless and fun. I want us to be rowdy, wild, playful, celebratory, and profane. We've all been so stifled.  

Rena Priest


This quote exactly reflects the mood of so many of us!

We are seeking pioneering leaders and change makers willing to do the kind of critical thinking and collaboration required to propel BOLD visions and BIG ideas into NEW realities.

People with a passion for making our world a better place, who are longing to be connected to others, to amplify and accelerate their impact.

No single person, idea or method in-and-of itself, is going to change the world or significantly address the current challenges … Collaboration and Imagining CAN! 

The Summit will feature speakers and presenters with the experience and know how to bring the BOLD visions and BIG ideas of everyday leaders into the New Realities they Imagine.



Learn how to drop the superhero cape and make collaboration your superpower.

Most training is about how to get faster, smarter, and better as individuals and convince others to follow us. At the Summit, we will go beyond this type of individualistic improvement to open up the power of true collaboration. Stop the quest to become a superhero. It's exhausting! 


Learn what it takes to provide true Vision-Focused Leadership in ALL circumstances.

Having a BOLD Vision or BIG idea is one thing, living and acting from that vision or idea in any and ALL situations takes something else entirely. At the Summit, we will focus on developing the skills needed to DO Vision-Focused leading. 


Learn to identify and act on the REAL problems and stop wasting resources on temporary, short term fixes.

One reason the same problems happen over and over OR solutions create more and different problems is most of us haven't developed the capacities to identify the REAL problem.  At the Summit, we will practice how to find the right questions NOT the right answers.  


If any of this agitates or excites YOU, take the next step ... 

The Annual Summit is about bringing Vision-Focused leaders together to renew, regroup and collaborate. Leaders ready to move big ideas and big visions forward. 

Schedule a time to chat with Anne or Suzanne (instigators of Imaging in Action Summit).  Let's talk about the opportunities for you (your team) and your vision. 

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