Dwight Frindt

Provocateur, Activist, Leadership Champion

Meet  Dwight

Dwight is a co-founder & principle of 2130 Partners as well as a Group Chair for Vistage International, Inc., the world’s leading executive membership organization. Dwight has facilitated groups of CEOs and senior executives for Vistage International since 1994 and has served as a Best Practice Chair since 2009. He has received 12 Chair Excellence Awards and two Master Chair Awards. Between his work with 2130 Partners and Vistage, Dwight has facilitated more than 1,200 days of workshops and meetings, and has logged more than 15,000 hours of executive leadership coaching.

CEO Trusted Advisor | Executive Coach & Consultant | Leadership Author | Strategy & Alignment Expert


Accelerate Your Leadership 

Our world is rapidly reshaping in many amazing ways. In this evolving new reality, successful leadership will have a very different nature than traditional approaches. It was quite different to be a leader in simpler economic times and when the world moved at a slower pace with less connectivity. Patterns of entitlement offered at least the illusion of security, and there was more time and predictability in producing results. 

Now at a time when previous business models and assumptions have been turned on their heads, people’s livelihoods are changing and disappearing regularly, and successful businesses are being transformed for the new realities - the leadership required is radically agile, proactive, and creative. As we go forward, those who lead will be the ones taking advantage of the creativity and productivity gains available by focusing on the human, collaborative dimension, while the rest will suffer in the face of unrelenting change.


2130'S PROGRAM Productive Interactions is the result of more than 20 years working “in the trenches” with business leaders and their teams helping them to identify and solve the real issues they face every day. The most challenging issues are often the ones “in the human dimension” – meaning how to get individuals and teams communicating effectively and efficiently to create results. The skills and capacities you will develop in Productive Interactions will increase your effectiveness and ability to work successfully with others immediately.


Making a Difference 

In addition to his extensive experience in the for-profit world, Dwight has also worked as a volunteer for many years in the non-profit sector.

He has been and continues to be an Investor Activist for The Hunger Project since 197, Dwight and Suzanne produced leadership workshops in partnership with Chirapaq in 2008 and 2011 for indigenous leaders from across Peru and 11 Latin American countries. In 2010 their work in the field of leadership expanded to China where he participated in the launch of The World Academy for the Future of Women at the SIAS International University.

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