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Programs, products & services for women designed to explore and enhance our connection to our feminine side. 

"Goddess Living means living to your strengths, living as if you matter, being awake to your inner power source.  Goddess Living aims to explore and discover the unique qualities of the feminine perspective and how that view impacts our sense of self, our value in society and our power to effect change."   

~ The Goddess Guides

Ready for a Journey to the Feminine Side ?

Why Goddess?

Women are demanding to be seen and recognized for their talent, skills and the right to be treated as equals.

In this short video, Goddess Guide, Ellen Snortland with her considerable humor and wit, shares why we say reclaiming Goddess matters more NOW than ever!

Goddess Staycations

A Journey to the Feminine Side! 

We created Journey to the Feminine Side—A Goddess Staycation to happen right where you are. It is an opportunity to gather with a group of women who are up to big things! Women, just like you, who now have the added stress of job and financial uncertainty and disrupted plans. How do we take care of ourselves now?

Discover what it means to BE a Goddess. Using transformative inquiries, weekly practices designed to pamper you, plus special Goddess Talks! In this Goddess immersion, you will …

  • Become part of an emerging sisterhood of women who are an ongoing source of support, strength and JOY. 
  • Open your heart and mind to the unique, sacred and precious being that you are.
  • Develop your ability to use open inquiry to access new awareness and your intuition.
  • Remember & Reconnect to your feminine soul.

Goddess Getaways

Wellness Retreats for Women

These All-Inclusive Getaways are designed by women for women to RENEW, REFRESH, and RESTORE.

A week of  
insightful inquiry, physical practices, heart-full meditations, alongside sacred ceremonies, personalized health sessions, and adventurous excursions designed to enhance women's wellness.

These vacations with a purpose, is the opportunity to commune with a group of women who are up to big things! Women who have big jobs, families, passion projects, and
ready to discover the benefit of spending a week
taking care of themselves.

Community Membership

LIVE a Goddess Life

There is a Goddess in EVERYwoman EVERYday but she can be hard to find and even harder to maintain in such trying times!

With your membership comes a weekly dose of "how to's" ... tools and tips take care of your physical, mental, emotional health. This combined with regular LIVE sessions to commune, grow and learn with a sisterhood.

Join this community of women committed to empowering each other, elevating the value of the feminine and diversity in our culture, while building a network of inspiring and powerful sisters of many backgrounds.

Get Connected 

No cost ways to Participate

Goddess Talks 

FREE weekly Zoom gatherings where women can share, listen, love and laugh through all the ups and downs of living as a woman in the world today.

These meetings are open to ALL women identified people. YES ... this includes trans, cis, fem.

Goddess Inquirer

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Articles about current issues, historical events ... anything that is effecting the lives of women and the role of the feminine in our world. 

Insights Blog 

Read engaging and relevant articles written by the various Goddess Guides. 

They cover things like Reducing Anxiety Naturally, Intentional Connections in Relationships in addition to posted schedule of events and book club selections.