Paul Shoemaker

Author, Podcaster, Consultant, Speaker

Meet Paul 

Paul is a senior consultant on strategy, business models, and leadership to corporations, foundations, and social purpose organizations. As a global speaker, he regularly talks to large audiences about rebuilding companies or communities for positive change and about being the leaders we need most. 

Shoemaker’s latest book, Taking Charge of Change, gives an inside look at the “secret sauce” required for the leadership we need in a divided and siloed America.


Paul's Latest Book

The economic, social, and health challenges facing us now are radically different than those we faced even one generation ago. Meet the new leaders who are moving us forward and learn how to apply their same effectiveness, qualities, and attributes to your own leadership.

  • Learn the 5 vital traits change leaders use to solve big problems.
  • Gain perspective from relevant research, data, leadership lessons, and 3 case studies that illuminate the path ahead.
  • Meet the leaders setting the standard for social change impact.

… all shared in Shoemaker’s signature storytelling style.


Rebuilders Podcast: Leaders we Need for the Decade Ahead

 After 35 years of learning and writing Taking Charge of Change, Paul has launched a new podcast, Rebuilders, to have a conversation with new leaders, citizens, and future thinkers.


Engage Paul to ...

  • Develop a plan for your company to be truly committed to racial equity.

  • Develop the principles of high-impact place-based partnerships, one part of helping them implement a national economic mobility strategy.
  • Develop go-to-market and channel strategies. 

  • Get advice on content for a new philanthropic portal.

  • Strategic planning and business model evolution
  • Become a socially-conscious and civically-active leader.

Paul's 35-year career spans entrepreneurial ventures to multi-national corporations, leading a global network of high-impact civic leaders, and management at two of the leading companies in the world. Leadership roles from product marketing to worldwide operations to Board Chair, CEO & Coach to founder / CEO and national social sector leader.

Over the last 5 years, Shoemaker has worked with PolicyLink, Project Evident, Ballmer Group, Fred Hutch Cancer Research, MudBay and many other organizations on strategy, marketing, policy analysis, leadership, and business modeling.

Paul Shoemaker will be presenting at the iLumn8 Summit 2022 Imagining in Action