Alan Cahn

Social Inquiry Expert, Leadership Coach, Humanitarian

Meet  Alan

Alan holds a Bachelor in Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Social Inquiry. He has post-graduate training and expertise in strategic design, business management and practical philosophy. He is also a trained individual and group counselor. While Alan has deep expertise in business, he is also passionate about serving international non-profits. He gets great joy from helping them realize their missions and elevating the culture of the organization.

He has collaboratively created cutting edge workshops in the following areas: living and working mindfully, the life cycle of performance, creating a conscious culture in your business, and finding one’s purpose and living it.

 Leadership Coach, Evolutionary Accelerator, Professional Disrupter

  • leadership Coach

  • Humanitarian

Executive Leadership Coaching 

Alan has over 35 years of experience in senior management positions in a global enterprise, being an executive coach, a trainer and a consultant. He has a demonstrated track record of success coaching leaders to realize breakthrough results, utilizing his unique talent for disruptive/context shifting interactions. Alan brings a commitment to optimizing leadership performance and realizing professional fulfillment to each of his coaching clients. He can be counted on to bring joy to the client and the coaching process!

Alan has experience coaching, training and developing people in Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. He has coached and trained people while being translated into Spanish, French, German, Russian, Swedish, Thai and Hebrew. He can skillfully translate and modify his approach to be culturally appropriate and relevant. 

Leadership Coach Alan Cahn


Grant County PUD: Public Utility Company in Washington. Alan is currently coaching several of the C-Suite members in both being more effective managers and in creating a values-based, high-performance culture with their teams of direct reports.

Mentis Academy: Education and Training Corporation. Two-year project providing strategic planning, course development and delivery to help redesign their culture. Provided executive coaching and development for the Founder and CEO. Additionally, Alan has coached the country and continent directors in providing leadership that is not only results-oriented but people-focused as well.

Fossil Communications: Telecommunications Company in Alberta. Coached and consulted with the CEO / owner to become a forward-thinking leader and manager. He assisted her in turning around a downward revenue trend, have a balanced work and family life, and helped her to resolve personnel issues with grace and ease. Lastly, he helped her to position the company for a successful purchase so that the owner could pursue her passions and dreams.

Alan Cahn will be presenting at the iLumn8 Summit 2022 Imagining in Action