Michael Shaun Conaway

Speaker, Consultant, Futurist

Meet Michael Shaun

Michael Shaun began as a writer/director for video games. In partnership with his wife, Producer Alex Melnyk, their creative agency, Storyworks, became the go to firm for high tech companies looking to develop cutting edge gamified training for their people..

His creative endeavors now include being an award-winning filmmaker, a frequent speaker on long-term strategy, editing publisher of PROOF magazine and CEO of The Futurists, he and wife Alex’s new social impact creative agency. 

Michael Shaun is the director of the award-winning documentary feature, WeRiseUP, a culture-shifting film featuring key global leaders, examining who we need to be to have a thriving future for humanity. 

 Generative Futurist | Philosopher | Filmmaker | Director

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Current Keynote Speeches

Being & Time – Humankind’s greatest breakthroughs have come from the minds of visionaries who were able to see a radically different future. How can we get our hands on that power? It turns out it’s hiding in plain sight.

Designing the Future – The best way to predict the future is to create the future. But how is that done exactly? In this talk we will look at how to become great at creating futures big and small. You will be inspired to get out of your seat and start launching.

Collective Intelligence – In the natural world collective intelligence gives other species incredibly powerful thinking, understanding and acting. How can we reorganize our organizations with structures and processes that give us access

iLumn8 Summit Imagining in Action
Michael Shaun Conaway will be presenting at the iLumn8 Imagining in Action Summit