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In the midst of these unprecedented times and daunting circumstances, we are witnessing extraordinary examples of courage, resilience and … citizen leadership!

Emergencies and crises teach us about ourselves. They can be a gift that shows us who we truly are and who we can be. They call forth an urgency that moves us beyond idle speculation, worry and fear. They call us into action in a way we may never have imagined.

We are challenging ALL, who know themselves as leaders, to express and unleash the leadership that our brothers and sisters in Ukraine are demonstrating in such desperate circumstances.

All our sessions will be facilitated in service of Accelerating Our Leadership to be the response our companies, communities and world is calling for.  

We will dive into what it's going to take to bring NEW ideas into NEW realities. We want to make this world a better place for all of us, starting now!  

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JULY 8th - Michael Shaun Conaway on The Secrets of Time Travel

What could we, or would we, do if we had ENOUGH time??  

Most of us have shut down our imagination and creativity because we already know, we don’t have time for that non-productive activity, AND for sure we don’t have time for what our imaginations might conjure up! 

This time limit leaves us stuck in a paradigm of hard work and incremental progress in virtually every aspect of our lives. The solutions we need in our businesses, communities and even our families go undiscovered as we try the stuff we already know and we already have time for. 

In this discussion, futurist & time traveler expert, Michael Shaun Conaway, will challenge us to think outside the “timebox” we currently live in. Together we will explore what’s possible, for us and our productivity, if we could break our imagination out of the jail that time is.

This discussion event is the beginning of our 2022 Imagining in Action Summit and exploration about how we move BOLD Visions and BIG Ideas into NEW realities. Michael Shaun is one of the experts who will be presenting at this year's Summit.  Check it out... 

Friday, July 8th, 2022 

11:30a - 12:30p  (Central / Dallas Time)

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JULY 22nd - Collaboration  a Super Power??

Find yourself feeling worn out or thwarted by the Universe when you try to make something new happen? Whether on a large community scale or in your personal life, something NEW also tends to equal DIFFICULT.  

Even adding people (partners, funders, clients, employees), doesn’t alleviate the sense of being overwhelmed and the experience of hard work that goes with almost any endeavor we choose to take on.  In fact adding more mass often makes it WORSE. 

In today's event, we will continue the conversation about the nature of true collaboration. When we move from an individual based action realm to an “we” based collaborative realm, MIRACLES can happen.   

Accessing the collaborative realm is a central aspect of what we say is required to bring BOLD Visions and BIG Ideas alive and happening. To make NEW things happen we must shed our superhero capes and work together to accomplish what we know is possible for ourselves and our communities.  

Anne Peterson, founder and co-creative behind the upcoming Imagining in Action Summit will be facilitating today's discussion along with some of the other presenters and speakers of the Summit.

Check it out...

Friday, July 22nd, 2022 

11:30a - 12:30p  (Central / Dallas Time)

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iLumn8 Summit Facilitator

|  Anne Peterson

|  Suzanne Frindt

|  Mark Goodman

You will learn a bit about the iLumn8 Summit happening in 2022 and all the WHATS and WHYS behind its inception.
A Summit about how we CAN solve the BIG problems of our time

All good ideas are welcome!

Some Food for Thought ...

The Pandemic is a Portal

We are living in a time where
return to normal’ is an insufficient strategy to tackle the issues of our day. It has become clear that a fresh new look is required. 

We believe
author Arundhati Roy speaks to the opportunity
of this unique time
very well in this short video.


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