Dawn Parks

Money Coach, Speaker, Trainer

Meet  Dawn

Dawn Parks has spent the past 30 years creating radical strategies to impact sustainability problems in oil and gas, forestry, and agriculture. She has a powerful ability to work with leaders and teams to change their old ways of thinking about the problems they face. 

Many years ago, despite the fact that she was very professionally successful, Dawn wound up filing for bankruptcy due to lack of financial knowledge. 

Dawn was sure that there were other women that had similar experiences, so she set out to understand why this happens to successful women. Using her decades of experience changing old ways of thinking, Dawn created a coaching business that explores, in a fun and mischievous way, how women think about money and use it their advantage to accumulate real wealth.

Founder Dawn Parks 


Untangling the complicated game of producing results and wealth.

The market has produced a plethora of business coaches, co-working spaces, entrepreneurial classes, and maker-spaces. It can be daunting for Founders to ferret out resources when cash- or time-strapped. Entrepreneurial institutions and champions continue to create new strategies and build programs to commercialize technology but often struggle to capture the attention of Founders.

What if the “industry of entrepreneurship” needs to keep innovating a few steps ahead of the founders to to bring groundbreaking solutions to the marketplace? How do entrepreneurship champions balance agility, innovation and focus in their programs to bring the best products to market?

Dawn Parks will be presenting at the iLumn8 upcoming  Summit -  Imagining in Action 
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