Rise in Love Workshop

"In a world that is trying to divide and conquer we need to unify and liberate."  

~ Kai Jordan

In the Rise In Love Workshop, experience transformative embodiment work designed to energetically enhance and expand your capacities for intimacy and the expression of your natural sexuality. 

We will use yogic sexuality and polarity practices to bring about this awakening. You will learn how to release trauma from the body, reset your nervous system to a new baseline, expand your capacity to love and feel through embodied relational practices. Come back into your body and feel at home within yourself.


  • How to evoke a new depth of desire, attraction, magnetism and polarity with your partner.
  • To activate dormant dimensions of your sexual energy so it becomes a source of healing, transformation & awakening. 
  • To practice evoking love & awareness through your body elevating your intimacy, sexuality & relational dynamics.
  • What it feels like to connect at a higher level of consciousness through embodied relational practices. 
  • To evoke the sacred dimension & spiritual possibility of devotion & service in your intimate relationships.
  • How to transform the energies of anger, resentment, dissatisfaction & frustration into love, unity, devotion & connection.

Meet the Facilitators 

The workshop is being facilitated by Kai Jordan and Gabriella Artini. They have dedicated the last 10+ years to deepening their expertise in relationship dynamics, intimacy and sexuality, and mentored many individuals and couples ready to make their relationships extra-ordinary.


Kai Jordan

Mentor | Healer | Speaker

Kai is a holistic healer, transformative coach and relationship mentor. He has conducted over 7000 one-to-one healing and coaching sessions using techniques such as bodytalk, breathwork, energy work, bodywork, sound healing, ontological coaching and 3 principles coaching to bring about emotional, mental and physical healing and transformation for his clients and their relationships.

If there is one thing that I have come to see from all the people & couples we have worked with, it's that inside of every human being is a space where love and their true nature resides. If people come back to this space, and see beyond their traumas, they have the power to rise above anything and evolve to create a truly extra-ordinary relationship.

~ Kai Jordan 


Gabriella Artini 

Mentor | Actress | Embodiment Pro 

Gabriella graduated from the University of Bologna, Italy with degrees in literature and philosophy with specialization in D.a.m.s. Cinema (Disciplines of art music and show business). She then began her career as an actress where she experienced the integration of expression using her whole body. She went on to study multiple embodiment practices in intimacy and sexuality. She puts it all together to mentor couples in reconnecting emotionally, mentally and physically, first to themselves and then to each other.

Sexuality is literally about “being in the body”, that’s where my interest to understand sacred and conscious love making sparked from. Using my breath, channeling my creative energy, expanding my capacity to feel

~ Gabriella Artini 

What's available for people wanting to explore and heighten the sensual and sexual aspects of their relationship... 

The Feminine:

  • Reconnect with the innocence of your sacred heart. 
  • Open your heart to receive the fierce love the masculine has to offer.
  • Be at home in your true feminine nature and respect your inner knowing.
  • Experience the deeper sexual fulfillment you have been desiring.
  • Melt into the blissful state of devotional love while feeling at home and safe in your body.

The Masculine: 

  • Experience the freedom and pleasure of total awareness. 
  • Learn how to keep your nervous system open & maintain awareness even in intense emotional expressions of the feminine.
  • Experience the deepest calling in your heart to love, serve & protect.
  • Evoke the sacred masculine & awaken your partner’s desire, devotion and admiration.
  • Practice leading from love & bring your partner to deeper states of bliss & ecstasy.

All humans possess both feminine and masculine energies, however, we tend to find ourselves most at home in one or the other as it pertains to our sexual relationships.  This polarity phenomena is something we will explore further in the workshop.  

Interested in Rise in Love?

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CANCELLATION / TRANSFER: If I need to cancel, what happens?

Workshop Participants agree to these Terms & Conditions upon completing their registration.

All cancellation, refund and transfer requests must be made in writing (email).

Cancellations: Refunds will be provided for written or electronic cancellations received no later than 2 calendar weeks prior to the start date of the Program. There are  no refunds for cancellations however 50% of your tuition paid will be made available for as a future credit. 

Transfers: A one-time only transfer of a registration fee to a new registrant will be accepted up to 2 calendar weeks before the Program start date.

No refunds or transfers will be provided in the week prior to the start date of the program.

If it became necessary to postpone the Program you would be transferred to the rescheduled date or have the option to cancel as stated above.

Participants agree to thoroughly read all email communications related to the Program and will respond to any requests regarding my participation.

WORKSHOP EXPERIENCE: Does anyone get naked or share intimate details?

NO ... We promise!

All of our embodiment practices and workshop exercises are fully clothed. You will be able to practice creating polarity through the relational practices and can continue practicing with a partner in the privacy of your home.

BOOKING ROOMS: What Hotels are nearby ?

Here is the address of the Workshop Venue to use when searching your favorite Hotel finding and booking App.

The Synergy Center

7432 E Tierra Buena LN, 2nd Floor
Scottsdale, AZ 8526 

This information will also be provided in the Welcome email you receive once you register for the workshop. 


Through our work together I was able to overcome so much anxiety and bring my nervous system into a place where it felt safe, comfortable and at peace, so it could open up to a new kind of intimacy and pleasure.

Rachel Trammel

Things keep getting better and better and it feels exciting and adventurous. I really feel like we have leveled up and have so much more potential and a greater capacity, understanding and ability to create the future that we want to have as a couple. 

Josh Trammel