September 1

Accelerate High Leverage Leadership for Today’s World

Accelerate, by the executive leadership development team of Suzanne Mayo Frindt and Dwight Frindt provides a remarkably simple, elegant and insightful approach to creating the possibility of consistently producing extraordinary results.

Our world is rapidly reshaping in many amazing ways. In this evolving new reality, successful leadership will have a very different nature than traditional approaches. It was quite different to be a leader in simpler economic times and when the world moved at a slower pace with less connectivity. Patterns of entitlement offered at least the illusion of security, and there was more time and predictability in producing results. Now at a time when previous business models and assumptions have been turned on their heads, people's livelihoods are changing and disappearing regularly, and successful businesses are being transformed for the new realities - the leadership required is radically agile, proactive, and creative. As we go forward, those who lead will be the ones taking advantage of the creativity and productivity gains available by focusing on the human, collaborative dimension, while laggards will suffer in the face of unrelenting change. Accelerate is a match for the challenging times in which we live, where leaders are facing problems and challenges that are complex beyond any previous era. The authors provide serious readers with deceptively simple access to meaningful transformation in their work and lives. 

Unlike other leadership books, Accelerate starts with who to BE rather than what to DO to produce effective leadership. You will find proven Principles and Practices to expand your leadership capacities for productive thought and interaction, create self-generated accountability and turn friction and waste into real productivity gains.