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In the midst of these unprecedented times and daunting circumstances, we are witnessing extraordinary examples of courage, resilience and … citizen leadership!

Emergencies and crises teach us about ourselves. They can be a gift that shows us who we truly are and who we can be. They call forth an urgency that moves us beyond idle speculation, worry and fear. They call us into action in a way we may never have imagined.

We will dive into what it's going to take to bring NEW ideas into NEW realities. We want to make this world a better place for all of us, starting now!  

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SEPT. 16th - Keeping A Vision in Charge

In today’s discussion, we will talk about how we so often find ourselves on a long windy route that we then wonder… are we even on the path any more?… and what were we trying to do in the first place?

Typically, when we have a vision (purpose, yonder star, etc.), we immediately start to take the actions necessary to have the vision come alive in reality.  Inevitably, we hit a snag (aka problem).  Then we spend our valuable time and energy solving the immediate problems while still thinking we are on the way to our vision. 

Actually, when we focus on the immediate problems, we almost always end up on some detour moving away from the Vision!  It’s like our compass is BROKEN!! 

We will offer some insight and tips on how to keep putting the vision in charge to direct and guide the actions, opportunities and solutions necessary to make the Vision real.

Anne Peterson & Suzanne Frindt co-creators of the Imagining in Action Summit will facilitate today's discussion.  Keeping a Vision in charge is one of the key skills we will be training in at the upcoming Summit. 

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Friday, Sept. 16th, 2022 

11:30a - 12:30p  (Central / Dallas Time)

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SEPT. 30th - Name That Purpose?!

Most of us feel a sense of purpose and we continually create and envision something better.  However, we often don’t know how to articulate our purpose or that vision in clear and simple ways. 

In today’s open house, Alan Cahn will share his approach to identifying and articulating our Purpose and Visions.  Only when we clearly state what we are about (purpose) and what we are up to (vision), can others clearly SEE and FEEL the possibility and power of it and want to jump in and play too. 

Alan is a Social Inquiry Expert, Leadership Coach and Professional Disrupter. He has collaboratively created cutting edge workshops in the following areas: living and working mindfully, the life cycle of performance, creating a conscious culture in your business, and finding one’s purpose and living it.

Friday, Sept. 30th, 2022 

11:30a - 12:30p  (Central / Dallas Time)

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Anne & Suzanne

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iLumn8 Summit Facilitator

|  Anne Peterson

|  Suzanne Frindt

|  Mark Goodman

You will learn a bit about the iLumn8 Summit happening in 2022 and all the WHATS and WHYS behind its inception.
A Summit about how we CAN solve the BIG problems of our time

All good ideas are welcome!

Some Food for Thought ...

The Pandemic is a Portal

We are living in a time where
return to normal’ is an insufficient strategy to tackle the issues of our day. It has become clear that a fresh new look is required. 

We believe
author Arundhati Roy speaks to the opportunity
of this unique time
very well in this short video.


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