August 31

Money Master Plan with SheMoolah

You’re ready to make a personal pivot or expand your business. You know it’s time but it is so hard to take the first step.  Maybe you don’t have the time to make the change. Maybe you're great at selling, but not so great at strategy. Do you need to expand your workforce but can’t afford it? For some, overwhelm is right there, ready to paralyze you.

Maybe you’ve taken on big things and don’t finish. Or you know how much energy it really takes and need more resources.

With any big change, you need a Master Plan or Money Blueprint. This course will help you expand your existing Moolah Master Plan or create a new one if it’s time for a pivot.

The Problem

You will deconstruct the decisions you’ve made in the past, and learn how your money personality may be holding you back from your dreams, goals, and career choices.

The Solution

You'll receive:

Liz and Dawn will guide the 10-week course. You do the work through our e-learning platform then meet weekly with your cohort on Zoom. At the end of the program, you will be able to embrace your money story in a way that empowers your financial freedom!