July 28

Leaders Program with Dr. Shahrzad “Sherry” Nooravi

Getting Sh*t Done


Smart leaders are those who can take their leadership to the next level by expanding their talents and abilities.

  • High Performers who are Not Connecting
  • Performers with Untapped Potential
  • So Much to Do, Where to Start?
  • Ready for Promotion…
  • Performers who Deem Others as “Difficult” or Show up As “Difficult”

The Problem

Winning in the workplace requires your agility.

It requires your ability to observe your leaders, team and culture from a fresh eye. Everyday. Whether you are the CEO, member of the executive team, manager or individual contributor, everyone has the ability to notice the company or team’s culture (call it vibe, environment, way things are done.) You will get out of your team what you put into it. 

The Solution

The more you nurture and notice what is going well and the more you pay attention to what can be better, the better, more engaged and productive team you will create. There are many common trouble spots and transitions companies experience.

Pay attention to them!