July 28

Immunity to Change with Andrea Bednar

Getting Sh*t Done

Why, when we are smart and dedicated people, do we have so much difficulty changing (and/or sustaining those changes)?

Consider that we have a mental/emotional immune system that attacks our attempts to make and sustain change – seeing those attempts as foreign invaders. We are generally unconscious of this immune system.

We have one foot on the gas, and the immune system has got its foot on the brake.

This immune system creates a natural (but powerful) immunity to change. In this class, we’ll work specifically with an area you’ve been trying to change but haven’t been successful with yet and in the process, you’ll learn how to use this process every time you the obstacle of this immune system.

The Problem

Immunity to Change (ITC)—a learning process developed by Harvard University faculty Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey, informed by 30 years of research on adult development and used in organizations throughout the world—offers an actionable model for transforming our lives and our organizations. ITC can be applied to a wide variety of personal and professional change goals, such as:

The Solution

  • Improving your ability to receive critical feedback
  • Delegating in order to move an initiative forward
  • Creating a healthier work-life balance
  • Having more courageous conversations
  • Working more collaboratively within a group
  • Developing healthier eating or exercise habits