July 28

Getting Sh*t Done with Andrea Bednar

Getting Sh*t Done

The Impact of Things Undone

You want to be thought of as reliable (as someone who keeps their word), who finishes projects, and is unstoppable.  


You have a lot of baggage weighing you down. Too many projects, to-do's, or too much procrastination. You struggle to focus, get distracted easily, and often feel disappointed with all there's left to do. 

When the most productive people in the world lose focus and find themselves constantly distracted, they get support and get in action.

You can too.  

The Problem

Don't let your to-do file get the best of you.

It takes a single step to start. Discover the results you can produce, and the deep satisfaction of moving your projects forward when you Get Sh*t Done.

The Solution

These programs are created by Master Performance Coach Andrea Bednar. She's got more than twenty-five years of experience inspiring some of the worlds top innovators and influencers. Brilliant minds struggle with clarity, focus, distractions -- they call her for help.