July 28

Enneagram Leadership Profile with Andrea Bednar

Enneagram Leadership Profile with Debrief

The Enneagram Leadership Profile is an excellent tool for beginning the hard work of realizing, owning, and accepting where you are brilliant and where you need work.

Sometimes you don't realize that the way you "are" is actually part of your personality type. However, that DOESN'T mean you are fixed in place and unchangeable! It means that you may need to come at making those changes from new and different perspectives that fit with your way of seeing the world and the way your personality makes sense of things. This makes change so much easier! 

The Problem

When you work with Andrea to understand your personality profile and it's implications, you’ll learn to observe yourself newly, face your fears (and your shadow), and create practices for growing and evolving.

The Solution

You'll receive:

  • A Personality Assessment that takes approximately 15-minutes to complete
  • A Personality document for your type. These are approximately 15-20 pages.
  • A 90-minute debrief session to understand your profile and how to utilize it for your highest growth.