Shawn Humphrey

The "Blue Collar" Professor

Meet Shawn

Dr. Shawn Humphrey is an award-winning Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Mary Washington, judge for the international standard-setting Social Impact Media Awards and founder of multiple globally-recognized movements, experiences and conferences.

He describes himself as “the Blue Collar Professor” and is founder of the Two Dollar Challenge, Month of Microfinance, Poverty Action Conference, and La Ceiba Microfinance. He is also a blogger who explores the Do’s and Don’ts of Doing Good and gives half-time speeches to those looking to make a dent in the world.

Professor of Economics, Social Innovator & Entrepreneur and Author 

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What Dr. Shawn has to say about who he is and what he is up to ... 

"For most of the year, you can expect to see dirt under my fingernails. One of my favorite smells is burning biomass. The Ohio River runs through my veins. And, no matter how far I travel, the hills of Kentucky are never too far away.

"I have a knack for mobilizing global grassroots movements on a shoe-string budget. My pedagogy was forged on the gridiron. Three bullies and a bathroom determined the path of social justice I walk today. And, the best compliment I ever received was from a student who told me that I was “10 pounds of cool in a 5 pound bag.” I am a Tribal Teacher committed to rewilding my students."

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Checklist for Change ... 

The HTCTW Checklist is a FREE, do-it-yourself, social-good-project-building-blueprint that gets you and your idea for changing the world started in a self-funding manner. It’s a comprehensive step-by-step guide that is chronologically ordered and accompanied by free tools, resources, and how-to-guides.

What Shawn has to say about why he wrote the HTCTW Checklist …

“Here’s the thing about us humans. Whenever we lend the least bit of credence to the idea that we can shape the arc of social change, we unleash an unimaginable internal struggle. The adrenaline that attends our initial dreaming is soon followed by a fog of self-doubt, uncertainty and insecurity. I’m here to help dissipate the paralyzing fear that attends the beginning of any new project. And, in the life-cycle of every project there comes a moment or two or three or more when we lose a bit of confidence and question our capability to change the world. I’ll be there to remind you that you can.”

Listen to what Shawn has to say about how to relate to his HTCTW Checklist

iLumn8 Summit Imagining in Action
Professor Shawn Humphrey will be a featured Speaker at the iLumn8 Imagining in Action Summit