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Social Impact Investor, Surgeon, Podcaster

Felecia Froe, MD - Money With Mission

Meet  Felecia

Felecia Froe, MD is the founder of an investment company focused on empowering professional women to build wealth and achieve financial freedom through social impact investing.

As a real estate syndicator, Felecia has partnered with like-minded investors and has raised money for several social impact projects. For example, with her partners at the Eco Alliance Group, she is providing healthy food to food desert areas with indoor vertical farms and grocery stores.

Additionally, she has written many Best Selling books including How to Create Wealth that Outlives You as well as being an advocate for the great work others are doing in their communities through her regular Podcast Money With Mission.

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Making an Impact With Your Investment Dollars

As a medical doctor, Felecia knows first hand how the lack of fresh food can cause chronic conditions within the body from not having proper nutrition. 

Combining her experience as a doctor with her commitment to Social Impact investing, Felecia partnered with the EcoAlliance Group – to build and operate the new Oasis Fresh Market in north Tulsa and bring fresh foods to this food desert area. 

Watch this short video (6m) to experience the Vision of this group of collaborators come alive.

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Money with Mission Podcast

On Money with Mission we share inspiring stories from everyday people investing to improve their communities. They are, in some cases, leveraging dollars and time to transform neighborhoods and generate profits for their mission-minded investors.
As the stories are told we learn that investing money can bring financial gains to the investor as well as significant improvements and innovations to the world through revitalization, education, and agriculture.

Whether a seasoned investor with a growing portfolio or a new investor just getting started, this show will connect you to real opportunities with significant social projects.
If finding ways to put your money to work while improving communities and the people they serve is of interest to you, then start listening!  

Felecia Froe, MD will be presenting at the iLumn8 Summit Imagining in Action