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Feeling a bit isolated, thwarted and on your own?  It’s a good sign there is something very important to you that just isn’t happening … likely seems like it couldn’t happen in today's world. When we are talking to ourselves, it can appear like we are the only one - the crazy one.

Just know, there are actually many, many of us! In collaboration, ideas can expand and crazy becomes possible.

Sound familiar? Ready to DO something? You're in the RIGHT PLACE!


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Rena Priest Poet Laureate

We've all been so stifled. 

"I want us all to come out of the pandemic a little wild.  I’m thinking a lot about the Beat poets and other times when we were culturally free and reckless and fun. I want us to be rowdy, wild, playful, celebratory, and profane. We’ve all been so stifled."

This quote exactly reflects the mood of so many of us who have been devoting much of our lives to causing positive change around us.  

While there are many rewarding moments along the way, we often face daunting and insurmountable obstacles (like a pandemic!).  Obstacles can leave us gesturing on the periphery, rather than striking boldly at the heart of the matter.

In a post-heroic model of leadership, we can take off our superhero capes!

No single person, idea or method in-and-of itself, is going to change the world or significantly address the current challenges … only collaboration and imagining will!   

We are looking for pioneering, Vision-Focused Leaders willing to do the kind of critical thinking required to propel BIG visions and NEW ideas in the current reality. 

If any of this agitates OR excites you, take the next step ... 

The Annual Summit is about bringing Vision-Focused leaders together to renew, regroup and collaborate. Leaders ready to move big ideas and big visions forward. 

Schedule a time to chat with Anne or Suzanne (instigators of Imaging in Action Summit).  Let's talk about the opportunities for you (your team) and your vision. 

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