October 3

SEEK Safely – Annual Kirby Jam

We are thrilled to be supporting the SEEK Safely Annual Event  

Kirby Jam

Ginny & George Brown, founders of SEEK Safetly.org, started the organization in honor of their precious daughter Kirby Brown.  Kirby died while participating in a poorly run, reckless and irresponsible, version of a sweat lodge ceremony during a week-long personal development retreat.  

SEEK's Mission "Guiding the Self-Help Community Toward a Responsible Future" is one that I, Anne Peterson Founder of iLumn8.Life, am fully behind and hope you will be too.  Kirby’s search to find the deeper meaning in life and a deeper purpose for herself was a huge part of who she was. We want to be Kirby’s voice to keep others safe from physical, emotional and financial harm. When someone is seeking to expand themselves, they should not lose their money, their time or their life!

Keep scrolling to learn more and ALL the ways you can also be part of this important Mission ... 

This year Kirby Jam is being offered as a Weeklong VIRTUAL Event

October 15 - 21, 2023  Live Streaming 8pm Eastern Time


SEEK Safely Update 

  • Hear highlights from SEEK's work 2023, including updates about our Podcast and other activities throughout the year
  • Chat with SEEK Founder Ginny Brown
  • Learn how your support helps advance SEEK's Mission 
  • Find our what SEEK plans to do in the coming year


Legislative Update  

  • Hear from our legislative sponsors about the status of our pending consumer protection legislation in NY 
  • Get info on what the bill entails and how it will attempt to protect consumers
  • Learn what you can do to support this effort 


Self-Help Geek-Off w/ Dr. Glenn & Dr. Christine  

  • Listen (and laugh) as Dr. Glenn Patrick Doyle and Dr. Christine Whalen, SEEK's "self-help geeks", face off in a newlywed-style game about their (least/) favorite, most inspiring/ interesting/ hated aspects of self-help
  • Moderate by SEEK Podcast co-host Jean Brown 


Podcast SIZZLE Reel   

  • Listen to some of the best (and worst) takes from the SEEK Safely Podcast's episodes
  • Chat with hosts Dr. Glenn and Jean 


Ask Dr. Doyle    

  • Have chance to ask Dr. Doyle your burning questions
  • Moderated by Dr. Christine Whalen & Jean Brown


Kirby Stories     

  • Listen to stories sent in by Kirby's friends and family
  • Contribute your own: record and send to [email protected]


Chat w/ SEEK Founder Ginny Brown     

  • Hear from SEEK found Ginny Brown as she is set to step back into an advisory role with SEEK
  • Interview by SEEK Safely Podcast hosts Dr. Glenn and Jean

Check Out the SEEK Podcast

The SEEK Safely podcast is the official voice of the nonprofit organization SEEK Safely Inc, which advocates for ethics and accountability in the self-help industry, and empowers seekers to have safe and effective self-improvement journeys. Jean Brown and Dr. Glenn Patrick Doyle peel back the layers of the largely unregulated, multi-billion dollar self-help industry, discussing the patterns of exploitation and deception that pervade the industry and allow self-help gurus to thrive at the expense of their customers and followers. Along the way we’ll have discussions with people who care as much as we do about the self-help industry being held accountable for the promises it makes–and we lay out our vision of a world in which seekers are respected and protected.

Learn the WHOLE Story - BUY the BOOK

This Sweet Life: How we lived after Kirby died 

Ginny Brown, Kirby’s mom and SEEK’s founder, and Jean Brown, Kirby’s sister, detail their experiences after Kirby died in a poor imitation of a sweat lodge at a self-help event: learning about Kirby’s horrible death and all that went wrong, dealing with their grief, and getting through the trial of James Ray.

The “Sedona sweat lodge deaths” attracted a lot of media attention and curiosity. Documentaries, podcasts, televisions shows continue to explore this event and what went wrong. Now, you can hear the story as told by the people who lived it.

Ginny and Jean’s memoir offers a warning to other seekers of self-improvement, to make sure that the person in charge is acting responsibly. It is also a guide for anyone dealing with especially difficult grief. And finally, the story is a portrait of an inspiring, vibrate woman whose loss impacted so many people and is still felt nearly 11 years later.

Check your favorite online book sellers to purchase your copy.