May 17

Apathy to Action

Enjoy this selection from our Goddess Living Community
who are in action regarding the protection of their rights

This week we are celebrating all the Goddesses who marched and rallied for the right of women to choose, for themselves, what to do with their bodies and their healthcare. Yes this includes having an abortion, if that is the right choice for her.

Many of you have been sharing your frustration, upset and confusion regarding the recent 1st draft opinion that outlines the overturning of Roe v Wade. This is an issue that, as a women's group, we can not ignore or step around, it is simply too impactful to our community.

Whatever your personal choices and views may be, this issue is upsetting, stressful and triggering to women everywhere.

The sense that years of hard won rights and access to all kinds of women’s healthcare being for naught, is hard to shake. Wherever we are on the issue, we wonder if our actions actually make a difference. This leads to a kind of Apathy.

Anne, founder of Goddess Living and iLumn8, recently hosted an event and wrote an article on Apathy. Apathy is marked by the sense of “not caring”. It’s a kind of resignation that goes so far as to numb us from the impact and consequences of a situation.

Some more highlights …

  • Apathy is a natural human response to overwhelming and strong emotions.

  • The sense of the protective shield apathy gives us is only temporary and mostly artificial.
  • The consequences and impacts of the situation go on unchecked and things almost always get worse, not better.

  • The way out is THROUGH the strong emotions vs. suppressing or reasoning them away.

As we discovered, once you allow yourself to have some of the strong emotions (yes especially the upsetting ones) you find yourself naturally seeking ACTION. Action that provides us with some sense of being able to have an impact on the situation.

When we are taking action in ways that express what we care about, even if the actions don’t make the difference we hope, we feel whole and true to ourselves. Action isn’t only about the outcomes or end result, it also helps us in the present moment to feel strong.

Those of us who marched do feel strong and connected to the women (and men) who are also united in thinking that each person should have autonomy over their own bodies and reproductive health.

Below are some photos from marches in Texas and Los Angeles.

Want to Do Something?

If it calls to you... find a couple of ACTIONS you can take that are related to protecting our reproductive rights.

To stay informed Click HERE for the Center for Reproductive Rights

Check in from time to time for Rallies and Marches in your area.

Talk to Your Local Politicians!

Goddess Guide Ellen Snortland talks with US Representative, Adam Schiff at the Los Angeles March for Women's reproductive rights on March 14th, 2022.