Imagining in Action

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The Inaugural Imagining in Action Summit page! 

We are eager to make new possibilities a reality for ourselves, our communities and the planet AND we are willing to muck around in new approaches and new tools for getting it done. This Summit was all about ...  

IMAGINING and inventing new solutions for old problems 

Develop ourselves in the emerging field of COLLABORATIVE Leadership 

AND Accelerating ACTION

Use this page after the Summit to access EVERYTHING, such as recordings, special videos or other material we shared.  It will be updated regularly, so bookmark this page.

Session Recordings

The Zoom recordings of the Summit program sessions are available to those who have purchased them.   

Unlimited access to ALL Program Sessions, Speaker Talks and Implementation Sessions are available for purchase for $499. 

Links and Additional Materials

Here are the resources that have been showing and talking about in the Summit.

Goddess Living Community - A place for over-committed, too-busy women who could use a little self care.

Day One:

Accelerate Leadership - book by Suzanne and Dwight Frindt.

Day Two:

This Sweet Life - Book by Jean and Ginny Brown 

Sidekick Manifesto Website - Shawn Humphrey, etal.

How to Change the World Checklist - by Shawn Humphrey

Beauty Bites Beast Website - Ellen Snortland.  

Watch the Movie Beauty Bites Beast

Ellen's TEDx Talk - by Ellen Snortland

The Ego Tunnel - Book Anne Mentioned on the ego structure

Day Three:

The Collaboration Video - Short video showing Collaboration.

Taking Charge of Change - Book by Paul Shoemaker

More About Paul - Visit his page for info on his Podcast, etc.

Leadership Traits Assessment Tool - Paul Shoemaker (coming soon)

Day Four:

Enoughness Video - Short video on restoring balance to the economy.

Enoughness Post - Synopsis of the discussion on Enoughness we had at an iLumn8 Open House.

Foundation for Climate Restoration - Website for the organization where Erica Dodds is COO

Living a Committed Life - Book by Lynne Twist 

Pachamama Alliance - Lynne Twist's organization website.

Day Five:

Movement for Community-led Development - Organization Ann Jenkins works for and referrenced.

Walk in Beauty - Navajo prayer read by Ceceilia Tso.